Clinical Manifestations of Down Syndrome Series: Head


Features of the Head As Seen in Down Syndrome

There are certain features of the head that are seen in people that have Down Syndrome. These features vary in people with Down Syndrome. Some people with Down Syndrome will have all of these features and some will have a few of these features.

Having these features does not mean that someone has Down Syndrome. These features can be present in other medical conditions that are not related to Down Syndrome.

However, if a medical professional sees these features in combination, they may suspect a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

The objective of this series is to bring awareness that many of the features seen in Down Syndrome, are also seen in individuals without Down Syndrome. These features on their own or as a whole do not define individuals who have them, irrespective of whether you have Down Syndrome or not. What makes these features significant is that they are different from the general population, that’s all. How individuals are treated with these features are more of a perspective problem of society than an individual problem.

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