My Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

4D Ultrasound of Baby B

A Normal Pregnancy

Being pregnant is such a happy time in your life. It is an indescribable feeling of love and joy, feeling your baby move. Love and dreams of the future of what my family would be, preoccupied my days. Dreams and expectations of reality. It may not be realistic but I’m a type A personality-the kind where there are expectations that are made and; when those expectations are not met, coping with the adjustment of the unmet expectation is a little more than daunting.

My previous three pregnancies have gone quite well, I experienced no new health issues. The only difference is that this pregnancy was unplanned and once the shock of that wore off, I was super excited to meet the beautiful face of what would be my fourth child.

A Picture of my three kids in Halloween costumes announcing that they are going to have a new baby in the family
Early Halloween Surprise!

This pregnancy had gone almost exactly the same as my previous, so I had no reason to think that this pregnancy would be any different. I went for a routine prenatal ultrasound on February 23 and thought nothing of it. The technician did not see anything troubling, just a sweet baby moving around and not cooperating with getting pictures done. I went home and thought nothing different. Life was great and predictable. Routine. There had been nothing that happened that gave me any clue as to there might have been something not typical about my baby.

Finding Out My Baby has Down Syndrome

A few days went by and I got a phone call from my family physician urging me to come immediately to the clinic. I was puzzled as to why and went in anyway with my two youngest children (the oldest was in school at the time). I arrived and was asked to take a seat in a large examination room. Being naïve, my first thought was, “This is not the usual examination room but I’ll take it. Gotta entertain these two kidlets somehow”. After a moment, my caring physician came in and had printed the results of the ultrasound. She sat down and told me that it was hard for her to tell me this, but that the results of the ultrasound showed a soft marker that would indicate that something may not be typical with the development of my child. That this marker might indicate that my child could have Down Syndrome. Continue reading “My Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome”