What Causes Down Syndrome?

Trying to find cause or fault is futile. It halts the process of reclaiming joy

Finding out that your baby has Down Syndrome is wholly unexpected and coming to terms with this new information is an emotional process.  You may have come across this page if you are looking for a cause, a reason, feel guilt or even blame yourself or someone else, that your baby has Down Syndrome. Trying to seek out answers to who, what, why or how your baby has Down Syndrome, is a futile search that will lead to more questions than answers. The truth is, is that science has no answers and no way to detect how your baby came to have Down Syndrome. Science only has possible reasons and whether these possible reasons apply to you, science does not even know. One needs to move on from fact-finding and information gathering to what is most important.

It is most important to know that:  It is not your fault your baby has Down Syndrome. It is not anyone’s fault… and I will tell you why.

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