Mission & Vision

From the perspective of a Nurse, the heart of a Mom, and the passion of an advocate.

Down Right Cute is a medical blog and family-oriented website dedicated to bringing about education, awareness, and advocacy for the worldwide Down Syndrome Community and their supporters.

Down Right Cute was inspired by the birth of SH’s 4th child, Baby B, who has Down Syndrome.

Down Right Cute is written by a Registered Nurse with 7 years of experience working in health care and 18 years of experience working with the following populations of people: those who are developmentally delayed adults, children and adults with special needs, children who have autism, children from low-income families, youth in trouble with the law, postpartum mothers, adults with addictions and mental health issues in the acute stages of substance withdrawal, and adults in addiction rehabilitative programming.

The purpose of Down Right Cute is to bring awareness of how wonderful life can be with Down Syndrome.

The 10 Objectives of Down Right Cute:

  1. To encourage, reassure, and empower people who have received a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, who gave birth and just found out their baby has Down Syndrome, and who are raising a child with Down Syndrome.
  2. To be an educational reference and resource to expecting parents and parents of children with Down Syndrome.
  3. Find teachable moments of family life with Down Syndrome and frame it within a medical perspective.
  4. Educates and promotes awareness about Down Syndrome.
  5. Feature medical articles about Down Syndrome.
  6. Takes what is known about the issues and life challenges of typical children and applies it to Down Syndrome.
  7. Ensures where possible, that all medical information provided is referenced, researched, evidence-based, relevant, current, and supports best practice. That means all the information is reliable, supported by sound research, and is in current practice and in use by medical communities worldwide.
  8. Aims to provide a medical awareness and social experience of Down Syndrome. It is meant to bridge the discordance between the medical community and those whose lives are touched by loved ones with Down Syndrome.
  9. To bring the medical community into the 21st century and see that the common long-held medical perspective on Down Syndrome is antiquated.
  10. To serve as an educational reference and resource to other health care professionals worldwide that reflects an accurate, precise, informed and actual account of Down Syndrome.