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Guidance for Caregivers of Patients with Down Syndrome

This is a really good dental guide that summarizes common dental issues for those with Down Syndrome. It outlines how to prepare for going to the dentist, discusses a proper dental hygiene routine, demonstrates a dental exam on someone with Down Syndrome,  discusses options for *sedation dentistry for a challenging or more involved visit, how to find the right dentist and what questions to ask, and links to other dental resources.

***Sedation dentistry or “sleep dentistry” is a discussion to be had with a dentist to determine whether it is appropriate for your child with Down Syndrome. It is not without its risks and should not be the first option when seeking dental care for a loved one with Down Syndrome. Being sedated by a benzodiazepine is very different from being sedated by general anesthesia. Level of sedation should be discussed. In sedation dentistry with general anesthesia, there should be an anathesiologist, dental hygienist, registered nurse, and the dentist performing the procedure; present during the procedure, as is recommended by some Canadian dentists. Always have a discussion of the benefits versus risks of any procedure, what the expected outcomes are, what alternatives exist, what are the short-term and long-term effects of a procedure, and what are the risks of not pursuing a procedure/treatment.***


Prepare for Traveling with Your Child with Down Syndrome

This website is dedicated to informing you about what you need to know about “special” needs travel such as which businesses are wheelchair accessible and what to do in advance to help make travel go more smoothly. Thank you Rachel for this suggestion!

Know of any other health guides made specifically for patients with Down Syndrome? Email [email protected] to be featured on this page.