Social Media Hashtags for #DownSyndrome


During pregnancy, when I found out that my child would have Down Syndrome, it was unexpected to say the least. A way I tend to cope with things that are out of my control is to research a lot about it. So, that is what I did. I took to the internet and tried to find all the credible resources I could, that would tell me all about the medical issues and what life would be with a child who has Down Syndrome. I could not find much. I found a few videos and some articles and that’s it.

At the time, I did not know about website design or how to use social media. The only social media I used at the time was Facebook and the use of hastags was a strange concept to me.  I look back, and I wish I knew more about social media and the use of hastags. Maybe then I would have found all the inspiring, empowering, lovely photos of other families with children who have Down Syndrome. Further, what I would have found was hope and see that everything was going to be okay.

Since teaching myself about website design and social media use, I discovered that so many parents who have children with Down Syndrome were so incredible and happy. The way they shared about their family and showed pictures was just what I wished I would have seen after I received my prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Even more telling is the variety of social media hashtags that there were. And the hastags they used themselves are empowering.

So for this post, for those parents or soon-to-be parents that so much want to see into the personal life of someone that has Down Syndrome, where the internet is just not enough; I encourage you to create not only a Facebook account, but an Instagram and Twitter account. On there, you can see so much visual media and their captions about Down Syndrome.

My own social media hastags I use are #downrightcute and #downrightcute21

Below are the various hastags I have used and hastags that are used by other parents who have children with Down Syndrome. And yes, you can use them too and add to the global community of Down Syndrome!

Below is a small sampling of what is out there! Want to add more, add a comment below or email me at [email protected]

  • #212121
  • #betterwithyou
  • #changingthefaceofbeauty
  • #chromosomallyenhanced
  • #ctfob
  • #downrightcute
  • #downrightcute21
  • #downrightperfect
  • #downsyndrome
  • #downsyndromeacceptance
  • #downsyndromeadoption
  • #downsyndromeangel
  • #downsyndromeawareness
  • #downsyndromebaby
  • #downsyndromebabymilestones
  • #downsyndromebeauty
  • #downsyndromeisbeautiful
  • #downsyndromecutie
  • #downsyndromelife
  • #downsyndromelove
  • #downsyndromemilesstones
  • #downsyndromemodel
  • #downsyndromemom
  • #downsyndromepride
  • #downsyndromerocks
  • #DS
  • #dsdn
  • #DSFamilylife
  • #DSMomlife
  • #iheartT21
  • #Ilovesomeonewithdownsyndrome
  • #homiewithanextrachromie
  • #justlikeyou
  • #lifeisbetterwithyou
  • #morealikethandifferent
  • #myextrachromosomemakesmeextacute
  • #normalizeddownsyndrome
  • #nothingdownaboutit
  • #notspecialneeds
  • #notspecialneedshumanneeds
  • #rockingmyextrachromosome
  • #seetheability
  • #t21
  • #t21journey
  • #theluckyfew
  • #trisomy21
  • #upsyndrome
  • #weseetheabilty

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