An Introduction To Down Syndrome


Down Syndrome Sphere of Influence by SWH

An Introduction

What is Down Syndrome?

As simple as this question may sound, there is so much information about Down Syndrome that it cannot be answered in a few sentences. This is because Down Syndrome is part of many spheres of influence.

All human beings are a part of many spheres of influence and Down Syndrome is no different. Moreso, humans have many domains of health such as biological, physical, cognitive, mental, behavioral, intellectual, social, etcetera. How and where each individual is, is independent, as a result of their uniqueness. How they interact with the greater whole, is dependent on their ability and how others perceive their contribution of those abilities. This is the definition of society; the individual as a whole and how many different wholes make up the greater whole. Not to be confused with the analogy of a puzzle, because puzzles are pieces and each individual is a set of puzzle pieces and not one piece alone.

The center is made up of the self. Outside of the self are many influences and levels of society where interactions influence one another’s’ life experiences. With this ideology, to answer “What is Down Syndrome?”, I will begin first with the individual, move on to family, and then to the various levels of influence that make up society.

It is my endeavor to answer “What is Down Syndrome?” in a way that will show that Down Syndrome is more than just a medical term, it is representative of a truly awesome rainbow of people, instead. After all, a rainbow would be very dull if all the colors were all the same.