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Down Right Cute is a medical blog and family-oriented website dedicated to bringing about education, awareness, and advocacy for the worldwide Down Syndrome Community and their supporters. The purpose of Down Right Cute is to show how wonderful life can be with Down Syndrome.

Internet Village of Support for Down Syndrome


There is so much information on the internet sometimes it can be hard to find information that is relevant, current, and evidence-based. However, in an age where there are vast amounts of information, there is still difficulty in knowing how to use information. This is where it is important to have people you can rely on not just for information but for support as well. People to guide you and show you how.

You will find that although the posts on this website are centered around Down Syndrome, much of the information is applicable to other children that are developing typically. It is the aim to provide information to help other parents raising children with Down Syndrome and to create a community of support. Because it takes a village to raise a child.

So welcome to our Internet Village of Support for Down Syndrome.


Welcome to Down Right Cute, written from the perspective of a Nurse, the heart of a Mom, and the passion of an Advocate. I am SH and I am part of a busy family of six living in Alberta, Canada.  All our children are no more than 3 years apart. This makes life super busy but we would not have it any other way.  Our family goes through many of the experiences a typical one does with the exception that we have a very happy family member with Down Syndrome.

As we have moved forward in life together, we have discovered that living and caring for our fourth child with Down Syndrome (DS) has had many challenges that I, as an experienced mom, have been able to meet head-on with tremendous love, support, and courage that I did not know I had. What I have learned so far in this journey from our prenatal diagnosis of DS to now, is that yes, my child will not develop exactly along the same developmental milestones as my previous children. However, he will meet all those milestones in time. He is on a different growth curve and different developmental timeline and that is okay. The delays in milestones and the challenges we have had to overcome, are not too much different from the milestones and ongoing challenges that my other children have.

The quality of life of someone with Down Syndrome today, is far different from in the past, even from just 10 years ago.

Individuals with Down Syndrome nowadays learn to read, write, talk, socialize, hold jobs, and are capable of living on their own provided that they continue to have proper support and guidance. It’s this story I am interested in living and this story that I want to share with the world.


The Challenges and Joys of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy

Having a child born with disabilities can be very unnerving for parents. There are definite challenges and obstacles to overcome that parents of children without disabilities don’t face, but there are joys too. Every child is special, but those with one or both of two common disabilities—Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy—face unique challenges.   What …